Paintings by Caroline Sterl

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Painting: Floyd
Painting: Little Owl
Painting: Passionflower
Painting: Puffins
Painting: Keriš Crater, Iceland
Painting: Cows
Painting: In Amsterdam
Painting: Just one Poppy
Painting: Day and Night
Painting: Two Poppies
Painting: Christmas 2021
Painting: Poppies
Painting: Return of the Stratification
Painting: Power and Peace
Painting: Waterfall
Painting: Waves
Painting: Heaven and Earth
Painting: Black Swan
Painting: Falco and Thera
Painting: Summer 2
Painting: Christmas in the Year of the Waves
Painting: Two Sunflowers
Painting: Great Scallops
Painting: Together
Painting: Wild Flowers in my Backyard
Painting: Op de dijk
Painting: Amaryllis
Painting: Full Steam Ahead
Painting: Pandemic
Painting: Pancake Plant
Painting: Christmas 2019
Painting: Normandy 2
Painting: Pansies
Painting: Normandy 1
Painting: Mont Saint-Michel
Painting: Big Wave 2
Painting: The Young Tree
Painting: Er valt iets te vieren
Painting: Lilies
Painting: All human beings are born free and equal
Painting: Plastic Tide
Painting: Sloth
Painting: Autumn Leaves 1
Painting: Autumn Leaves 2
Painting: Chinese Lanterns
Painting: God Rays 2
Painting: Leaving the Shelter
Painting: The Beauty of Water 3
Painting: The Beauty of Water 2
Painting: Limestone Quarry
Painting: Little Lighthouse
Painting: Swan
Painting: Departure 2
Painting: Two Ladybirds
Painting: Corkscrew Willow
Painting: In Bad Wimpfen
Painting: Lanterns
Painting: Christmas 2017
Painting: Rose
Painting: The Departure of the Colours
Painting: Petit Port
Painting: Oriental Poppy 2
Painting: April Shower
Painting: Sunset
Painting: The Return of the Colours
Painting: The Tip of the Iceberg
Painting: The Beauty of Water 1
Painting: Marmot
Painting: Reflection
Painting: Great Grey Owl
Painting: Safe and Warm
Painting: Artificial Lake
Painting: Oriental Poppy 1
Painting: In Memoriam Laurenskerk
Painting: Last Spring
Painting: Beware of black-and-white thinking
Painting: Bleeding Hearts
Painting: Small Beauty
Painting: Seaford Head
Painting: Spring
Painting: Chestnuts
Painting: Chinese Lantern Lilies
Painting: Home
Painting: Long Walk
Painting: On the Beach
Painting: Pussy Willows
Painting: Slovenian Sunset
Painting: Summer
Painting: Big Wave 1
Painting: My Sunflowers
Painting: Spring Will Come
Painting: Catwalk
Painting: Madonna von Stalingrad in Blue Light
Painting: Strong
Painting: Departure 1
Painting: Erosion
Painting: Graveyard Garlands
Painting: Poppy
Painting: Safe Place
Painting: Seven Sisters
Painting: Sunflower
Painting: Wave
Painting: Bunny